The 13 Best Eco-Friendly Apps To Save The Earth

The 13 Best Eco-Friendly Apps To Save The Earth

Best Eco-Friendly Apps To Save The Earth Are you interested in going green? With the help of these Android and iPhone applications, it’s easier than ever to make environmentally conscious choices.

By now, it should be self-evident that becoming green provides a number of benefits. Of course, it’s about energy conservation and environmental protection.

However, in many ways, it’s also about saving you money.

Not only does the electricity you consume have a significant impact on your monthly costs, but also on the status of our world. Thus, conserving money on heating, gas, and electricity can also contribute to the planet’s happiness.

For those interested in embarking on or continuing on a path toward sustainability, peruse this list of applications that will assist you in going green and adopting a more healthy and thoughtful lifestyle.

The 13 Best Eco-Friendly Apps To Save The Earth

1. Brightly

The Brightly app provides a welcoming and supportive community focused on waste reduction and sustainable living. With Brightly, you may read interesting articles about plant-based diets, waste-reduction strategies, and eco-friendly beauty items, among other topics.

Additionally, the app enables you to like, comment, and share posts, allowing you to connect with other Brightly users and share your favorite content with your friends. Additionally, Brightly has its own marketplace, where you can purchase gift cards for friends and family and browse some of the greatest eco-friendly products on the market.

Monthly product shipments range from backpacks to cosmetics. These items tend to sell out quickly, so keep an eye out for upcoming drops if you’re interested in snagging some sustainable things.

Best Eco-Friendly Apps To Save The Earth brightly

Brightly is available on Android (Free)

2. JouleBug

JouleBug is an app that encourages you to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors by rewarding you for your efforts. The app will motivate you to be more sustainable by rewarding you along the way with various badges and points.

You’ll earn points for behaviors such as biking to work instead of driving or purchasing with a reusable bag.

Additionally, JouleBug is a money-saving app. You can connect it to your utility bills and see how much money you’re saving by going green each month.

Invite your friends to join the app to infuse your sustainability journey with some friendly competition. Additionally, altering one’s lifestyle is always more enjoyable when done in a group setting.

JouleBug android

JouleBug is available for iOS and Android (Free)

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3. Eco Life Hacks

Eco Life Hacks is an excellent tool for identifying your environmental inadequacies and addressing them with the help of the app’s variety of recommendations and advice.

When you first launch the app, you will be asked a few questions about your general lifestyle (your diet, choice of transport, and others). This quiz will help you determine the extent to which your actions have an effect on the environment.

You may obtain ideas and information on virtually any part of your life from there, which can assist you in living more sustainably and eco-consciously. For instance, if you believe you are producing an excessive amount of waste, you can consult the Waste portion of the app. It offers guidance on repurposing edible food scraps, utilizing zero-waste beauty items, and properly disposing of cooking oil.

You may also submit your own tips if you have any valuable information about turning green to give.

Eco Life Hacks

Eco Life Hacks for Android | iOS (Free)

4. BlaBlaCar

Sharing transportation is an excellent way to be green. Not only does this save you money, but it also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and their environmental impact.

BlaBlaCar is an excellent tool for both discovering and providing rideshares. You may use this app to search for available rideshares in your area and book rides based on your preferred pick-up and drop-off locations. The same holds true for providing rideshare services, and you may even charge passengers a fee to hitch a ride with you.

While BlaBlaCar is not available in the United States, it is worth considering for residents of Europe and other supported nations. Even if the app claims its systems are extremely secure, it’s important to remember basic safety precautions when ridesharing.

blablacar apps

BlaBlaCar is available on iOS and Android (Free)

5. HowGood

It’s no secret that the ingredients in the foods you purchase have an effect on not just your health but also the ecosystem. With HowGood, you may quickly get product information by scanning the barcode or searching for it within the app.

Simply said, the app indicates how beneficial something is to your health and the environment. It has already rated over a hundred thousand things. Scores are calculated using a variety of elements, including community impact, agricultural methods, and food processing.

Utilize this app to educate yourself (and to stay informed) on the foods you eat and their impact on the world around you. And if you’re considering being vegan as part of your eco-friendly lifestyle, these vegan apps and websites will help you through the change.

howgood apps

HowGood is available on iOS and Android (Free)

6. PaperKarma

Junk mail is inconvenient, and it’s also harmful for the environment, especially when it comes in the shape of useless periodicals, leaflets, and catalogs. However, before you dump things into the garbage, scan them with PaperKarma.

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The app’s purpose is to help the environment by eliminating junk mail. Take a photo of any unwelcome letter you receive in the future. Ensure that it include your name, address, and the sender’s information.

That is all that is required to unsubscribe from obnoxious junk mail. PaperKarma takes care of the rest.

paperkarma apps

PaperKarma is available on iOS and Android

7. Good On You

If you want to improve your shopping experience, you might start by learning about ethical substitutes for your favorite products. Good On You is an app that assists you in determining whether companies are ethical.

All you have to do is conduct a search for a brand name or a specific sort of goods to get its rating. The ratings are determined by the brand’s labor, environmental, and animal welfare policies. This way, you can make informed purchasing selections based on the brand knowledge you acquire.

Additionally, Good On You gives discounts to its members, allowing you to save money when buying.

Download for iOS | Android: Good On You (Free)

8. Irecycle

The English name of this application already indicates its purpose: ‘I recycle,’ indicating that it is a tool for residential recycling. Today, one of the most serious ecological concerns we face is an abundance of waste. Many of the items we purchase on a daily basis come in containers that eventually end up in the garbage.

IRecycle assists you in the challenging process of waste reduction by providing thousands of suggestions for recycling and reusing a variety of materials. Additionally, you can verify in your smartphone whether a material is recyclable or not.

Irecycle apps

Download for iOS | Android: Irecycle

9. Ecosia

Is it feasible to locate a website that can assist in tree replanting? Ecosia, the eco-friendly search engine, makes this feasible and free. If, like the majority of Internet users, you use Google to do Internet searches, you may now shift your habits and utilize Ecosia.

Thus, when you browse the Internet, you will contribute to tree planting. Ecosia, which works in collaboration with the search engine Bing, distributes 80% of its revenue to non-profit organizations dedicated to reforestation in countries such as Peru, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Burkina Faso.

Download for iOS | Android: Ecosia

10. Geco Air

Our commutes contaminate, and while we cannot escape them in our daily lives, we may enhance them with the help of Geco Air. This application intends to assist us in minimizing the environmental impact of our travels.

It provides tailored recommendations on how to enhance your driving style. Additionally, Geco Air considers the features of your vehicle, such as gasoline or diesel, and assists you in determining if your mobility is polluting or not.

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Download for iOS | Android: Geco Air

11. Save heat easy

Do your utility bills for power, water, and gas increase when the mercury rises in the summer? Therefore, you should utilize ‘Save Heat Easy,’ a smartphone application that will assist you in making responsible energy use while saving money on your bills.

This program analyzes invoices and recommends ways to cut consumption in a good ecological way. It provides precise guidance and alerts us when it’s time to defrost the refrigerator or check the heating.

12. Good Guide

If you are someone who checks to see if the things they purchase are environmentally friendly, you probably spend a lot of time in the supermarket. That is what happened to Dara O’Roorke, a University of Berkeley professor of environmental policy, and it is why she founded Good Guide.

Can you envision a world in which you could acquire all the information about a product’s social and environmental impact simply by scanning its barcode with your mobile device in a supermarket?

That is Good Guide, an application that includes a database of thousands of products and grades them on a scale of 1 to 10 based on their ‘qualities,’ whether they are their origin, manufacturing circumstances, influence on health, or impact on the environment.

13. Loss of the Night

While light pollution is sometimes overlooked in our daily lives, it is the primary reason we cannot see the stars in the sky. Loss of the Night is an application that tries to create awareness about the issue of light pollution and, with the assistance of its users, informs us about the visibility of stars in various locations.

This program was intended to ensure that, in the future, “cities save energy and money while restoring appropriately illuminated streets, darkened rooms, and a starry sky.” With all of these tools, we no longer have an excuse not to practice environmentally responsible behaviors on a daily basis and to interact with the environment.

We hope you find these applications useful, and we always recommend downloading from official sources such as Google Play or the App Store.

Download for Android: Loss of the Night

Are You Prepared for a Greener Way of Life?

Changing your habits may appear to be a lot of work. However, there are other resources, such as these climate change tools, that can assist you in taking it one step at a time.

And why not make an effort if it’s for a worthy cause, such as preserving our planet for future generations?

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