5 Sustainable Websites and Apps for a Waste-Free World

5 Sustainable Websites and Apps for a Waste-Free World

These websites and apps will educate you how to minimize waste, live more sustainably, and even live a zero-waste lifestyle.

The majority of us waste more than we should on a variety of items, from food and beverages to clothing and technology. These five websites and applications will educate you how to minimize waste, live more sustainably, and even live a zero-waste lifestyle.

The consumerist culture of the present era drives us to waste more than we should. Sometimes functional things are abandoned rather being repaired or repurposed. To combat this waste, we must master the principles of repurposing, reuse, and upcycling. The Zero Waste movement is an excellent place to begin learning about how to live more sustainably.

1. Going Zero Waste: A Beginner’s Guide to Waste Reduction

If you’ve decided to go on the zero waste road, the Going Zero Waste blog is a good place to start. Writer Kathryn assists you in easing into the process by focusing on making better choices rather than on perfection from the start. This type of straightforward and approachable thinking is what will make these practices more sustainable.

Going Zero Waste’s beginner’s guide of blog entries contains everything you need to know. These five posts establish the groundwork for reducing waste as a result of your lifestyle choices. The aim is to begin with individual actions, progress to community actions, and finally, if you feel up to it, try activism.

I’d also recommend reading the blog post on things to consider before adopting zero waste. It’s an accurate depiction of the sacrifices and lifestyle changes you’ll face in the future.

If you are certain you want to proceed, take the Zero Waste Challenge. It’s a 31-day activity that includes a complimentary booklet to gauge your devotion. Additionally, there is a zero-waste challenge for children if you wish to involve your children.

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Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste

2. Too Good To Go: Huge Savings on Surplus Foods

Fresh foods, such as baked goods or groceries, can rot if they are left unopened for an extended period of time. Owners of retail establishments would prefer to sell these products rather than discard them, and they would prefer to do so at a large discount. It will be demonstrated by Too Good To Go (TGTG) how you can save money while also preventing food waste.

So simple, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. It is possible to list unsold food items on the app for restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and cafes. You log on, browse the possibilities, purchase what you want, and then go to the store to pick it up. It’s that simple. Naturally, the most activity will occur at the end of the day on the app, as will be expected.

TGTG has only recently begun operations in New York, and the company hopes to expand to other parts of the United States in the near future. It already has a large and active network in the United Kingdom and other European countries. It is expanding rapidly.

Because of the success of Too Good To Go, a number of spin-off enterprises have sprung up in areas where the app is not yet available. For example, the country of Australia presently has a program called Bring Me Home. If TGTG is not now available in your location, try an online search for other services; one may already be available in your area.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go

3. Eat by Date and Still Tasty: Is it Safe to Eat Expired Food Packets?

Certain items, such as milk, can be smelled to determine if they are spoiled. These items are frequently marked with an expiration date. However, many other foods and beverages include a “best before,” “use by,” or “sell by” date. None of these symptoms imply that the food has spoiled, but you may want to double-check that it is still edible.

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Eat by Date and Still Tasty are directories containing food and food product safety information. You may search the database quickly or browse by category, such as dairy, beverages, fruits, grains, proteins, and vegetables. The repositories house items such as infant formula, pantry staples, and packed bottles.

On each page, you’ll find a variety of different formulations for the product based on its state. For instance, if it is opened or unopened, whether it is stored in a pantry or refrigerator, and so forth. Additionally, you’ll receive real-world clues of how to determine if something is damaged, rotten, or ruined, as well as additional recommendations on extending its shelf life. The next time you’re tempted to discard food due to its expiration date, consult these websites first.

4. ShareWaste: Collaborate with Composters to Share Organic Waste

Composting is one of the tenets of waste reduction. Rather than dumping food waste in a landfill, convert it to soil or fertiliser. In your daily life, you generate a large amount of organic waste, such as coffee grounds, fruit peels, and vegetable scraps. However, it may not be possible for you to set up your own composting machine. Therefore, find someone who can make use of them using ShareWaste.

The app acts as a community map for anyone involved in the zero waste movement who want to contribute to food waste reduction. You can register as a host (who will use food waste in their own unique way) or a donor (who will hand over scraps to the host). The map indicates the closest hosts, and all you have to do is contact them and arrange for a drop-off.

While there are no specific standards for donating food scraps, you can follow some basic principles such as avoiding plastic and storing them in the freezer until the next drop-off. Additionally, read ShareWaste’s Frequently Asked Questions on how to be a good host and a good donor in order to bring the community together and minimize waste.

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5. r/ZeroWaste: A Discussion Forum for the Online Community

Reddit has a sizable community dedicated to sustainable living and environmentally conscious choices. If you’re new to zero waste, the r/ZeroWaste subreddit is a good place to start.

The Resources bar is the most critical component to inspect. There, you’ll find a comprehensive wiki of Zero Waste Alternatives that explains how to reduce waste in several areas of your life, such as clothing, bathroom, shopping, cooking, pets, and transportation. Indeed, there are numerous ways to recycle waste paper. Additionally, the Opportunities section details zero waste places by region and city.

Additionally, the subreddit includes an active Discord chatroom for communication with like-minded individuals. It’s one of the most effective ways to identify zero-waste advocates in your neighborhood or area.

The more you learn about zero-waste and sustainability, the more comparable offshoot movements you’ll encounter. For instance, there is an anti-consumption movement with a distinct ideology for waste reduction. Additionally, there is the vegan zero-waste movement, the repurpose-recycle-reuse movement, and other communities with similar ideals but divergent perspectives. You’ll discover more of these on r/ZeroWaste and may even find an organization or ideology that aligns with your ideals.

Be a Conscientious, Ethical Consumer

If there is one thing that these technologies demonstrate, it is that decreasing waste in daily life is much easier than previously believed. Notably, it does not have to be a complete lifestyle change. You can ease into it by beginning with small changes and progressing to larger ones. And you are not alone; you may rely on your community for assistance.

Small incremental changes are more likely to be sustained than large sweeping changes. Another way to manage waste is to purchase high-quality, ethical items. Clothes you purchase, software you install, and ordinary products you purchase all have better-for-the-world options. It is only an issue of locating them.

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