How to add an additional three people to your Instagram Live videos

How to add an additional three people to your Instagram Live videos

How to add an additional three people to your Instagram Live videos

Remember when everyone was going live on Instagram? That was the beginning of the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus outbreak. During the lockdown, Instagram Live became the go-to location for keeping tabs on your friends. Instagram is well aware of this and has responded with the launch of a new tool called Instagram Live Rooms.

Instagram Live Rooms are similar to Facebook Messenger Rooms, but with a limited number of participants and a focus on live discussion rather than video calls. For some time now, Facebook has been vertically integrating all of its platforms. We’re seeing the same thing with Instagram’s customized feature.

Instagram Live is what it sounds like.

Instagram Live is a function that enables users to broadcast live video to their followers on the photo-sharing network. The function enables producers to communicate electronically with their followers. Additionally, Instagram included a “Request” option that allowed users to request to join a friend’s live video. Similarly, artists now have the option of including an additional person in their live video.

Now, the service is growing to provide more options for users. Instagram reports that week over week, live views increased by 60% in India. If you live stream on Instagram and have ever wondered why the platform does not allow you to add more viewers, the answer is here.
What are Instagram Live Rooms?

Instagram’s Live Rooms feature enables producers to go live with up to three guests. For the first time, Instagram is allowing four individuals to go live through a single account for the first time. It states that with Live Rooms, creators will have more chances to grow their reach and use cases. Instagram Live will offer more than a live feed with the ability to go live with up to three people.

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The possibility exists of launching an Instagram talk show or podcast. The Live Rooms feature was initially tested with a few creators in India. The upsell here is the ability to expand reach and reach a larger audience. Additionally, Instagram states that Live Rooms provide the same security features as Live and other technologies.

How to include up to three additional people in your Instagram Live videos.

Step 1: Become a citizen

1. Either tap the + symbol in the upper left-hand corner of your stories tray or select the “Create” plus icon in the top right-hand corner of the home navigation bar.
2. If you’re on your main Instagram home screen, you can also swipe left.
3. Now, go to the bottom and hit the live camera option.
4. If desired, use the left-hand menu to create a title.
5. To go live on Instagram, click the circular button.

Step 2: Incorporate special guests into your live stream

1. Once you’ve gone live, you’ll have the option of inviting people to your livestream.
2. Tap the camera or rooms icon while you are live.
3. You’ll see a list of individuals who have requested to join your live video. Additionally, you can search for potential guests and invite them to join your live show.
4. Now, tap on the handle of the guest to add them.
5. Previously, it was limited to a single guest; today, you can set up a room for three people to stay.
6. You may add all three guests concurrently. You can even begin the film with one guest and add others afterwards, similar to how television interviews are conducted.

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Instagram has begun rolling out Live Rooms to all users in India. The business said in a statement that the feature should be available to everyone in India and Indonesia soon. While there is a possibility that consumers are becoming fatigued with live video, Instagram reports that live video views have only climbed in the last several weeks.

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