Three distinct methods for taking a screenshot in Windows 10

Three distinct methods for taking a screenshot in Windows 10

On smartphones and PCs, a screenshot is one of the most useful tools. It is the simplest method of capturing information displayed on a screen. While taking a screenshot is simple on a smartphone, the procedure is more complicated on a computer. If you own a Windows 10 computer, you have a variety of alternatives.

Microsoft changed the way it distributes software updates with the release of Windows. Rather of a fresh major software release, Microsoft provides Windows 10 incremental updates. As a result, we offer numerous methods for taking screenshots of your screen. This greatly depends on the type of screen capture you’re looking for at the time.

With Windows 10, you may capture a full screen. Alternatively, you can capture a screenshot of a portion of the screen. Even better, you now have access to a tool that enables you to snip a portion of the screen. This section discusses the various methods for taking screenshots on a Windows 10 PC.

How to use the PrtScn Key to snap a screenshot in Windows 10

This is the simplest method for taking a screenshot on a Windows PC. Simply press the “Print Screen (PrtScn)” key on your keyboard to capture a screenshot of whatever is now displayed on your computer screen. Typically, the PrtScn key is located in the function row of a keyboard. To take a screenshot on certain computers, you may need to hit the Function (Fn) key first, followed by the PrtScn key.

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The following table lists the numerous key combinations that can be used with the PrtScn key.

1. As discussed previously, hitting PrtScn alone copies the full screen to the clipboard. You can then copy and paste it into another program, such as Word or Paint, and save it to your library.

2. Alt + PrtScn: When you press Alt and PrtScn simultaneously, the active window is copied to the clipboard, where it can be pasted into another program.

3. Windows Key + PrtScn: This key combination saves the entire screen as an image file, which is located in the “Pictures” folder’s Screenshots subdirectory.

4. Windows Key + Shift + S: This is the most effective key combination for screenshots. When this key combination is pressed, the screen dims and a mouse pointer appears. You may use the drag tool to pick an area of the screen to screenshot. It will be copied to the clipboard as soon as you press enter. This OneNote function was included as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

How to use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot in Windows 10

Additionally, some Windows users prefer the Snipping Tool for screenshot capture. The Snipping Tool can be launched from the Start Menu or pinned to the Taskbar. You can change the mode from the drop-down menu to full-screen, rectangle, or free-form. Once the screen is frozen, click New and begin dragging the mouse. Once complete, click file, then save as, giving the file a name and saving it to your computer.

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How to take a screenshot with the Game Bar in Windows 10

If you’re using Windows 10, taking a screenshot is considerably simpler. Press the Windows key + G while playing the game to bring up the Game Bar overlay. You’ll notice a camera icon in that bar. Click it to take a screenshot. The photograph is automatically saved when you touch the camera button. It is located in the subfolder “Captures” of the “Videos” folder.

To begin and end recordings without using the Game Bar, press the Windows logo key + Alt + R. The screen will flash to indicate when the recording begins and ends. If background recording is enabled, pressing the Windows logo key + Alt + G records the most recent seconds of play. Additionally, you can record your screen with the game bar tool.

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