How to incorporate an electronic signature into a PDF

How to incorporate an electronic signature into a PDF

How to incorporate an electronic signature into a PDF The days of taking a printout, physically signing it, and then scanning it before emailing it to someone are over. You may now digitally sign any document without having to deal with the trouble. This function has come in handy for a number of people who are at home and without access to a printer or scanner during the lockdown.

Assume you’ve been provided a document over email and are asked to digitally sign it. The simplest approach is to use an electronic signature, which is also the quickest way to electronically sign a document or PDF right now.

How to produce a digital signature

Prior to discussing how to add your electronic signature to any document, it is necessary to first create one. Creating an electronic signature is now easier than ever.

Previously, signing on a piece of white paper, scanning it to your PC, and then trimming to a readable JPG file was the process. You can now accomplish this through the use of a variety of applications and tools available for a variety of platforms.

• Draw your signature: Currently, the most effective method of creating an electronic signature is to draw it with your finger or a stylus. With appropriate applications, you can do this directly on the paper.

This is advantageous while attempting to sign on a mobile device. You can even use a cloud-based service like Evernote to produce and store your digital signature.

• Use an image to produce your electronic signature: This is the most common approach. You can take a picture of your paper signature using your phone, camera, or scanner. It can then be saved as a.png file and used in documents.

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• Use your cursor to draw the signature: On a PC or a Mac, you may also use your mouse or touchpad to draw your signature line.

• Type using your keyboard: Your electronic signature does not have to look identical to your paper signature. It could even be your name, which is recognized as an electronic signature. Choose an acceptable font and enter your name in the signature field.

How to include an electronic signature in a PDF document

All that is required to add an electronic signature to a PDF document is access to a computer equipped with a web browser such as Google Chrome and a stable internet connection.

You can type, draw, or paste an image of your handwritten signature into a PDF document. Additionally, you can include other language such as your name, company title, or signing date. When you save the document, the newly included details become part of it. This is how.

1. Navigate to the Fill and Sign a PDF online page for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2. Select “Select a file” from the drop-down menu.

3. Navigate to the file you wish to electronically sign.

4. Now that the file has been uploaded, Adobe will prompt you to sign in with your Google, Apple, or Adobe credentials.

5. After signing in, the paper will load and all you have to do is click the “Sign” button at the top.

6. This will enable you to add your signature.

How to sign a PDF file with Adobe Reader on Windows or Mac

1. Open the PDF document or form that you wish to sign in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2. In the toolbar, click the Sign icon. Additionally, you can navigate to Tools and select Fill & Sign or select Fill & Sign from the right pane.

3. Now, you’ll see the Fill & Sign tool. Click on the Fill & Sign option.

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4. The form fields are identified automatically. Hover your mouse over a field to reveal a blue box. Click anywhere in this blue area and a cursor will be automatically positioned in the desired location. Fill in the field with your text.

5. By default, your signature is black, but you may change it by clicking on the color button in the Fill & Sign menu.

6. In the toolbar, click the Sign icon and then select whether you want to add a signature or an initial to the document.

7. If you have previously contributed your signature or initials, they will be displayed automatically; simply select them from the Sign options and then click where you wish to add your signature.

8. If this is your first time signing, you will see the Signature or initials screen, where you can enter your information and click apply.

9. You may reposition your signature or initials by highlighting the field and then dragging it using the arrow keys. Additionally, you can resize or delete the field using the field toolbar options.

How to sign a PDF file on an Android or iOS device

1. From the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, download Adobe Acrobat.

2. Open the PDF file you wish to sign.

3. In the bottom toolbar or lower right corner, click the pen symbol.

4. Select the Fill and Sign option.

5. If you have previously contributed your signature, it will display it and allow you to add it to the PDF.

6. For those signing for the first time, an option to design a signature will be available.

7. Now, position the signature wherever on the PDF and scale it using the arrow keys.

What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

It is critical to distinguish between electronic and digital signatures because they are somewhat different. This post will explain how to electronically sign your documents. However, digital signatures are distinct from traditional signatures primarily in terms of security.

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A digital signature is cryptographically secure, indicating that the document has been checked and authorized using your private signing key. In other words, it is far more secure and thus more complex.

The majority of documents you receive by mail will contain electronic signatures rather than digital signatures. In comparison, an electronic signature is just a digital representation of your signature superimposed over a PDF or paper.

Consider it similar to adding a watermark on an image. In this scenario, you’re using your signature as a watermark rather than a picture on a document.

Numerous firms now accept electronic signatures, which eliminates the time often required to sign, scan, and resend documents. If you choose to e-sign a document, keep in mind that it is not safe, although it is handy and widely recognized by organizations and enterprises.

How to securely sign any document with a digital signature

Digital signatures are the most modern and secure method of electronically signing documents. It contains your trusted digital ID, your own digital signature, and a PDF document that is encrypted, simple to validate, and uniquely yours. This tutorial will demonstrate how to add a digital signature using Adobe.

On a PDF document, click the review link to enable digital signatures. You must click on the part labeled “click here to review and sign.” Now, pick the option to sign with a cloud signature and the source of your digital ID certificate. Log in to your provider’s website and pick your digital ID, then click “Next” to apply the digital signature.

Now, either preview the signature or click on modify signature to add one manually using the mouse or touchscreen. The following step is to authenticate the signature by selecting the “Click to Sign” option and entering the PIN and one-time passcode for your digital ID provider. Once authentication is complete, your document is digitally signed and can be mailed to the sender.

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