What to do if your phone is charging slowly

What to do if your phone is charging slowly?

What to do if your phone is charging slowly? Who does not know it the battery is empty, the mobile phone is connected. After a while, you look it up and realize, “Oh, only 35% battery.” This is especially annoying if you have plans or appointments where you want to take the smartphone with you. Here we tell you what you can do if your device is only charging slowly.

Is your phone charging slowly? That could be the reason.

If the cell phone charges slowly, one tends to assume that it could be broken. But before you send your smartphone in for repairs or even buy a new one, you should consider other reasons for slow charging.

In most cases, it is not the technology of the smartphone that is the problem, but another speed limiter when charging. The most common reasons for loading difficulties include:

  • Broken charging cable or adapter
  • Type of power source or low amperage of the cable/adapter
  • Dirt in the USB port
  • Background apps
  • Phone usage while charging

How exactly you can narrow down and fix your charging problem is explained below.

This is how you fix the loading problems

To find out exactly what’s wrong with charging your smartphone, you should gradually check all potential stumbling blocks and if necessary eliminate them. It’s best to work your way from one potential cause to the next.

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If none of our tips help, you can best contact a certified repair service or the manufacturer of your smartphone directly to have the battery and cell phone checked by specialists.

Put charging cables and adapters through their paces

If you find that your cell phone is only slowly gaining percentage points when charging, you should first check your charging cable and adapter and see if both are still working properly.

The best way to do this is to use the charging cable with another adapter and test whether your smartphone’s battery charges faster. If so, the adapter is the cause of your charging problem.

If it doesn’t seem to be the adapter, the next step is to check whether the charging cable is the culprit. You use a different cable with the same adapter for this. If your cell phone now charges better, it might be due to a loose contact or a broken cable in the charging cable.

Check power source and charger amperage

Check power source and charger amperage

A long charging time is not always due to a broken charging cable or adapter. Another reason for slow charging can be the use of a low-amperage power source.

For example, if you regularly charge your smartphone via USB on your computer and notice that the charging time is longer, this is probably because the connection is not outputting enough milliamps.

The less current flows through the connection, the longer your smartphone needs to charge. The good news: Most newer laptops now come with special quick-charge sockets so that you can charge your phone quickly.

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Or maybe you’re using a charging cable that works, but just isn’t suitable for your phone. Especially with chargers that do not come from the original manufacturer, there may be increased charging times.

This is usually due to the fact that the charging cables that have been bought later allow a reduced current when charging. In order to pass as a fast charging cable, the cable should have a current of at least 2 amperes at best, pay attention to this when buying.

Clean charging socket

There can be a very simple reason why your cell phone isn’t charging properly: dirt. After all, your cell phone is confronted with a wide variety of environmental influences every day above all dust.

This can get stuck in the charging socket, earpiece or other recesses. If you often carry your smartphone around in your trouser pocket, there is also fluff that can clog the charging socket or settle on the contacts. The dirty contacts can then lead to interruptions in charging, which in turn prolongs the charging process.

You should therefore regularly remove dust, lint and other dirt from your device for example with a toothpick or a small plastic stick. Be careful not to damage the contacts.

Does your cell phone charge slowly and run out quickly? Check your background apps

App updates, checking notifications and much more all this can turn smartphone applications into real power guzzlers. So if your battery drains disproportionately quickly or feels like it takes forever to charge, you should check the apps running in the background.

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Depending on the model, navigate to the phone settings and look for the battery options. Most devices then give you the option to view battery usage or background activity per app. In this way, you can quickly locate the culprit and close the app or delete it if necessary, so that your battery lasts longer and charges faster in the future.

Put your phone aside while charging

Last but not least, there is another parameter that you can use to significantly increase the charging speed of your cell phone: your usage behavior. If your smartphone’s battery is empty, connect the charging cable and ideally leave the device untouched.

Constantly checking messages, watching videos at the same time or browsing through social media only increase the loading time. On the other hand, if your device is in sleep mode, flight mode or even switched off, it will charge much faster.

And that has another advantage, because a little “digital detox” break is good for all of us even if it’s only during the charging process.

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