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Delete smartphone data: How to sell your cell phone safely

Delete smartphone data: How to sell your cell phone safely Finally a new cell phone but what do you do with the old one? To make some profit from the old device, you can sell it. We will show you how data backup and deletion works and what you should pay attention to when selling and the handling process.

Preparing your smartphone for sale – this is how you do it

From the preparation of the device to the formulation of the ad to the secure purchase process, there is a lot to do if you want to sell your used smartphone. Here we explain which steps you should take into account and how you should ideally proceed when selling.

1) Back up saved phone data

Holiday photos, videos from the last festival and important messages in groups – all sorts of data and files accumulate over the lifetime of a smartphone that you definitely don’t want to simply delete or pass on to the next owner. Therefore, carry out a data backup as the first step .

If your cell phone has a slot for an external memory card, it is best to transfer all important photos and videos to the memory card. You can then simply put this in your new mobile phone and your memories will be preserved. Alternatively, you can temporarily store the files on your PC or laptop.

You can usually back up messages and chats in just a few steps – either via Google Drive, iCloud or on your memory card. Some apps do this automatically, while others require you to enable regular backups first. You then download the saved backups to the new smartphone.

Tip : Check where your phone has saved your contacts’ numbers and decide if you need to move the contacts. Moving makes sense if the mobile phone has stored the numbers in the internal memory otherwise they will be lost when resetting to the factory settings. You can usually see the storage location in the phone book and move the contacts to your SIM or memory card or to your cloud. This way you will keep the numbers even if you change your smartphone .

2) Transfer data to the new cell phone or in the cloud

If you already have your new smartphone ready before you sell your old one, you can transfer the data directly to your new cell phone or to your cloud. If both smartphones have an SD card slot, simply insert the old memory card into the new cell phone: the data transfer is complete.

Alternatively , you can save the data from your old smartphone in Google Drive, iCloud or your preferred cloud service and download the backup to the new device. Apple iPhones and most Android devices do the backups automatically. In individual cases, you may have to activate backup creation in the settings.

Transferring data within the operating system i.e. from Android to Android or from iOS to iOS is usually simple because the same cloud services are used. With iOS you will be asked at the beginning whether you want to load a backup or transfer from the old iPhone. Simply place your new smartphone next to the old one, select “Transfer from iPhone” and the saved data will be transferred to the new cell phone.

There are different data migration methods for Android. Apps, contacts and calendar data can be transferred using Google account synchronization, as well as images and videos stored in Google Drive. Alternatively, there are special apps for data migration from the various smartphone manufacturers that you can install. For example you canEasily switch from Android to iPhone with the “Transfer to iOS” app .

3) Remove SIM cards and memory cards

Remove SIM cards and memory cards

It is important before selling that you do not forget your SIM or memory card in the device. Otherwise, all the effort involved in moving the data and deleting the memory may have been in vain and the buyer can access your data. Before handing over the device, check again whether you have really removed both cards from the device .

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If you use a so-called eSIM instead of a physical SIM , you must delete the SIM profile before selling it. How you do this may differ from device to device. You can usually find the setting options in the advanced settings of your mobile network.

4) Reset smartphone and erase data

Once all files have been saved or transferred, you delete all data and accounts and reset the smartphone to the factory settings. When resetting to the factory settings, the mobile phone assumes the settings of the initial delivery status.

You will find out exactly how to reset your smartphone and delete the data later in this article – for both iOS and Android.

5) Bring your smartphone into shape tips for cleaning

In order to sell your old phone for the highest possible price , you should present it in its best possible condition. It’s worth a little effort. We recommend that you thoroughly clean your smartphone once . Cables and accessories also deserve a little attention and cleaning so that they can be neatly arranged.

It is best to clean your cell phone with a soft, slightly damp microfiber cloth. If some dirt residue cannot be removed in this way, you can use some soapy water to help. However, do not use harsh cleaning agents, vinegar or glasses cleaning cloths. The substances contained can damage the built-in display .

Logically, a well-groomed appearance of the smartphone contributes to a higher selling price. Regular use of cases and protective films protects your device from scratches and additional loss of value.

6) Include accessories and snap attractive photos

If you still have the original packaging, pack your old smartphone in it for sale. This makes a good impression on the buyer and the cell phone is optimally protected during transport. Also include the associated charging cable and other accessories, if they are still available, in good condition and functional. For reasons of hygiene, you should not enclose the original headphones this applies in particular to in-ear models.

An attractive appearance is important for potential buyers. And the better your old device looks, the more people will be interested in it. On platforms, interested parties can only decide whether they want to buy your offer or not based on the photos and your description.

Therefore, it is worth taking aesthetic pictures of the well-restored old smartphone and adding them to the description. But be honest about it. It can always happen that a mobile phone gets small dents and scratches over the years. Try to show these signs of wear as well as possible in the photos and mention them in the description.

7) Formulate the asking price and mobile phone description

Before selling, you should put some effort into the detailed item description of your smartphone. Always be honest in order to get the best possible price. It is best to test all the functions of the smartphone again beforehand in order to be able to identify possible errors.

You should not forget the following key points in the mobile phone description:

• Model number/name
• Manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi etc.)
• date of purchase
• Operating system including installed system version
• Technical data (camera quality, storage space, RAM, etc.)
• Existing accessories that are also sold
• Possible defects (scratches, battery capacity, malfunctioning functions, etc.)

Set yourself a pain threshold and a desired price before selling . When formulating the price, however, keep in mind that there is usually still something being traded on advertising portals.

You can therefore set the price a little higher than your actual desired price but try to remain realistic when formulating the price. The following key data will help you to determine a realistic desired price:

• Overall condition of the device (defects, functionality)
• original price
• usage time and age of the device
• Comparison with the prices of other advertisements on sales platforms
• If available: Original price of the enclosed accessories (cases, docking stations, adapters, etc.)

Tip : Always add an addendum to your listing about the disclaimer of the guarantee and warranty after the transfer. In this way, you prevent the buyer from being able to make subsequent claims.

8) You should consider this when purchasing and shipping

For the safe sale of your old smartphone via auction platforms, it is important that you only sell via platforms such as teqcycle . Depending on the platform, you are protected by the operator of the site and receive support against con artists in an emergency. Don’t be tempted to just ship your phone to strangers who will message you.

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You can usually recognize dubious offers by the fact that the person needs the cell phone very quickly usually under a pretext that you are supposed to send it abroad or that the shipment should take place before receipt of payment. If, on the other hand, you sell officially via the auction or via buy-it-now and process the payment via PayPal, both you and the buyer enjoy protection that supports you in the event of fraud.

Alternatively, you can of course also sell your phone in the classic way by personally handing over money and goods. This transfer works best via classifieds portals. Although there are cases of fraud every now and then, the chance is smaller.

If you feel more comfortable doing the handover, do the handover in crowded, visible places and have a friend accompany you. Also note that classified ad portals usually have neither buyer nor seller protection.

The right platform for mobile phone sales

As soon as your cell phone is ready for the new owner, the next important question arises: On which platform can you best sell the device? To help you, we present a selection of the best sales platforms for your mobile phone from private sales to professional purchases of old devices.

  • Teqcylce:You can send your old cell phone to the experts at Teqcycle and have them evaluate it. All kinds of functions and also the external condition of the device are examined to evaluate it. Depending on the device model, you will be given a rough estimate in advance, which will be specified and communicated after the valuation. Teqcycle will also take care of data deletion for you if you decide to sell at the offered price. In this way, your data is professionally deleted and you no longer need to worry about it. The money will then be credited to your account. If you do not want to sell your mobile phone at the offered price, the device will be sent back to you immediately. So you have almost no sales effort and still benefit from the best possible sales price.
  • EBay Classifieds: The classic selling method for old smartphones is an ad on eBay Classifieds. However, be careful when selling and at best only accept cash on collection you have no seller protection if someone cheats you when you buy. Similar classifieds platforms are Quoka or Hood.
  • In the circle of acquaintances: The social environment is also suitable for finding a new owner for your mobile phone. Just ask friends, colleagues or family members if someone is interested in your old cell phone and would like to buy it.

Delete cell phone data and factory settings: Here’s how

The most important thing when selling a cell phone is that you carefully remove all your data from the old device. This is the only way you can safely sell your cell phone without the buyer being able to restore your data and view pictures, messages and the like. You can find out how data deletion works on Android and Apple here.
Android: delete phone data

With Android cell phones, you should not only meticulously delete or back up your data before reselling it, you should also remove your Google account from the device .

Delete Google Account:

Android smartphones have had a so-called “ reactivation lock” since version 5.1 . If this reactivation lock remains in place after the sale, the new owner cannot sign in with their Google account and therefore cannot use the smartphone. You can avoid this problem by removing your Google account on your old phone. You do this as follows:

1. Navigate to your “Settings”.
2. Select the menu item “Account” or “Accounts”.
3. From Account Settings, tap Google.
4. Select the email address of your Google account and go to “Remove account” and confirm the deletion.

Keep in mind that the individual names of the setting options may differ slightly depending on the device manufacturer, model and Android version.

Tip: If an error message appears, this is due to your backup settings. After all, you are technically reducing your device security when you delete your account. But don’t panic: you can resolve this conflict by going to Settings again , tapping Backup and reset , and turning off My Data . Then, follow the account removal steps above again.

Factory reset:

After you as described above have backed up your data and saved it elsewhere, you can finally delete your data . The easiest way to do this is to factory reset the smartphone. Depending on the device model, there may be slight differences in the factory reset process.

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You can usually find the setting for this under the item “Backup & reset” (5). There you type ” reset to factory settings “.’ on (6). In some cases, however, the setting can be found elsewhere in this case, just search for “factory reset” or “reset” in the search bar of System Preferences. You should then see the correct button and you can overwrite your previous data.

Since this choice will permanently erase all of your data, you will first be prompted to enter your PIN or unlock pattern to begin the erasing process. After you have confirmed that you really are the owner of the phone and want to delete everything, your data will be removed in no time and the phone will be reset to the factory settings. So the smartphone is ready for sale.

Reset and wipe Apple iPhone

With iOS, it is important not to delete the photos, videos and other files on your Apple device individually, otherwise the file will also be deleted in your iCloud . Therefore, it is imperative that you deregister your old iPhone from iCloud before deleting your private files. To do this, go to the “iCloud” menu item in “Settings” and tap on “Sign out”.

In versions older than iOS 7.0, it says “erase iPhone” instead of signing out. You may have to deactivate the “Where is?” synchronization first for example with the iPhone 12. To do this, navigate to your Apple ID, then click “Find My iPhone” and turn off the “Find My iPhone” setting. You need your Apple ID password to turn it off. Then log out of iCloud as described above.

Then you can start restoring the iPhone to its factory state.

1. Navigate to your iPhone’s “Settings” and tap on “General”.
2. Select “Reset”.
3. Now go to “Erase All Content and Settings”.

The Apple iPhone is already reset and ready for its second life with a new owner. To ask? Apple’s official website has even more detailed instructions.

Methods for older devices: Encrypt or overwrite data

For Android smartphones that were delivered with a version older than Android 6.0 , additional steps should be considered in terms of data protection: encryption and data overwriting . This is not necessary with newer devices, as the files are encrypted ex works and are therefore more secure.

To make the data cleansing on your old smartphone even more secure, you first carry out encryption. Only internal data is encrypted . Plan a little time for the encryption depending on the amount of data, it can take more than an hour until everything is secured.

You can usually find the encryption process in your smartphone settings under “Security” or “Storage”. From there, tap on “Encrypt phone” or “Encrypt phone storage”. For this data backup, you enter a password that you can use to encrypt and decrypt the files.

You can overwrite older devices again after the reset i.e. filled with new, irrelevant data that covers the old ones. Overwriting works, for example, by having your smartphone record a video when the cell phone with the camera is placed on a tabletop.

If the memory is full and all files are overwritten, reset the phone to the delivery status. In this way, no important data can be recovered from you.

Is your cell phone unusable? Here’s how to properly dispose of it

Not every smartphone is suitable for resale. If you are forced to buy a new phone because the previous one has given up the ghost or some functions no longer work, it makes no sense to sell the broken device unless you sell it to inventors who breathe new life into the phone or add working components can be used for repair purposes.

One thing is certain: an old smartphone does not belong in the household waste. The processed precious metals can be better recycled and used elsewhere . In addition, there are pollutants in the old devices, such as in the battery. And, as is well known, pollutants should never end up in household waste.

There are a number of ways to dispose of your broken cell phone. You can, for example, hand it in at an electronics store or in some smartphone shops, which will then recycle the cell phone. The devices are often checked again for their functionality and in some cases repaired. Unusable smartphones then end up with “e-waste”.

You can also hand in your mobile phone directly to the nearest recycling center, where the mobile phone raw materials will be professionally disposed of and recycled. Who knows, maybe there’s a piece of your old cell phone in your new digital companion.

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