Mobile phone in the home office

Mobile phone in the home office: How to set yourself up!

Mobile phone in the home office: How to set yourself up! “Mobile phones in the home office are a distraction” wrong. Strictly speaking, the little miracle box can make the transition from office work to home office a lot easier. Here you can read about the advantages of the smartphone and how you can use it sensibly in the home office.

Tasks & use of your mobile phone in the home office

Of course, using your cell phone in the home office is not intended for your personal amusement, but should make your working day from home easier.

There are many ways in which you can use your smartphone in your home office. Whether for video conferences, telephone calls or as an additional screen extension your everyday companion becomes a true home office hero.

Private smartphone as a work phone

Do you often work from your home office, have to make regular calls, but don’t have a company cell phone? Then a dual SIM mobile phone or smartphone with eSIM as a private smartphone is a sensible investment.

With a second, business SIM card or a business eSIM profile , you benefit from an additional phone number that you can only use for your work.

So you don’t have to worry about clients or colleagues calling you on your private number while you’re on vacation. Your private phone number remains private at all times, even when working from home.

Tip : If you are not sure whether you already have a dual SIM cell phone, you can easily check it. Enter *#06# in the keypad . Then the IMEI number of the mobile phone is displayed. If two numbers appear on the screen, it is a dual SIM cell phone.

Set up call diversion for the office telephone

Customer calls, phone calls with employees and other conversations that you have every day in your office, you now have to move to your home.

The easiest way to receive your business calls on your smartphone is to forward calls from your telephone system to your smartphone . You can also redirect the office number to the landline number at home.

For your work in the home office you use the so-called immediate call forwarding . Every call is diverted from your office number to the smartphone number you have chosen.

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The telephone system in the office doesn’t even ring, but instead forwards the call directly to your smartphone as soon as someone calls you. You can read about exactly how to set up the various diversions in the operating instructions for the telephone system. If you cannot set up the redirect yourself, it is best to ask an in-house IT employee.

Tip : Check your smartphone contract before setting up call forwarding. For example, if you do not have a telephony flat rate, you may have to pay for calls to be forwarded to your mobile phone.

In this case, it is better to clarify with your boss which costs you have to bear yourself and which the company will cover. In our tariff comparison you will find our various tariff offers including telephony flat rate this way you save the forwarding costs.

Smartphone as a webcam for video conferences

Depending on the job, one video conference follows the next in the home office : team meetings here, customer appointments there and in the meantime a feedback discussion with colleagues.

If you still own a slightly older notebook, you probably can’t really shine with an HD webcam. The result is pixelated videos or color distortions and that doesn’t look particularly professional.

If you still own a slightly older notebook, you probably can’t really shine with an HD webcam. The result is pixelated videos or color distortions and that doesn’t look particularly professional.

Instead, you can log into the video conference program with your smartphone, place the cell phone securely and use the front camera as a webcam.

Both the image and sound quality of video telephony are usually better on the smartphone than on older laptops. You can usually connect wireless headsets to the device without any problems.

Tip : Do you still have an old mobile phone lying around at home? Then read our article about smartphone sustainability to find out how you can upcycle your old smartphone. Among other things, you will find how to use the front camera of your old cell phone as a webcam.

Tip : Ideally, use your WLAN access or a tariff with a sufficiently high data volume to make video calls. If your monthly data volume is already used up, you can easily book additional data volume.

The congstar X tariff is also ideal , with which you have 200 GB of data volume at your disposal, which you can use as you wish with the help of two SIM cards. So you can use your data volume at home via your home router as well as on the go and are always optimally connected everywhere. Telephony is also included ideal for conducting telephone calls with customers and colleagues in the home office.

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Smartphone as an additional monitor

Few have a fully equipped office or gaming setup at home that lends itself to a home office. Depending on the job and area of ​​responsibility, a single laptop or PC screen can quickly lead to space problems. For a little more space to work, you can use your smartphone as an additional screen .

Admittedly, a smartphone will never replace a second monitor. The size difference to a real monitor is just too big for that. But the mobile phone can still serve as a practical second monitor in the home office. The device is particularly suitable for internal company communication via messenger apps. So you can use the space on your monitor for more important programs.

Mobile phone as internet hotspot

If your Internet speed at home is not sufficient, your smartphone can be used as an Internet hotspot . In your smartphone’s network settings, you can enable your cell phone’s Internet connection for the PC.

It is important that the inclusive volume of your mobile phone tariff is extensive enough. Because the amount of data used is deducted from your mobile phone tariff, you should keep a close eye on your data volume.

If you don’t want to use up your cell phone data volume, you can also use the congstar Homespot , which provides you with sufficient data volume. You can find other alternative solutions in our guide to Internet in the home office .

Apps fürs Home-Office

Numerous everyday office applications are specially designed for smartphones. We present some examples below:

  • Video calls & communication : Apps such as Skype, WebEx, Teams, Zoom or Slack make internal communication much easier. Especially when everyone is sitting in their home office instead of in a shared office, you can use the applications to communicate and coordinate quickly.
  • Data processing : Applications such as Dropbox, WeShare or Google Docs are suitable for sharing data via smartphone. The advantage of Google Docs is that several people can work on files at the same time and can track the changes in real time.
  • Project management : Planning and self-discipline throughout the day is particularly important when working from home. After all, you want to be as productive when working at home as you are in the office. For example, the project management applications Asana, Agantty or Todoist, which are usually available for both PCs and smartphones, are helpful.
  • Time recording : Even when working from home, the times worked must be meticulously noted in many sectors and professions. It’s best to talk to your boss about whether there is a corresponding app for the time tool you use by default.
  • No more distractions : If you don’t use your cell phone for productive purposes in your home office, but are constantly being distracted by news and social media apps, you can install an app that temporarily restricts access to certain apps or the entire smartphone. This helps you focus fully on your work. You can also restrict individual apps so that you can still access the apps you need for the home office, but not your social media applications.
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Tips for better phone calls

But even a smartphone is not always the ultimate when it comes to call quality. A phone call can fail because of a bad audio connection or an unstable network connection.

If solid house walls shield the network signal, the connection for telephone calls is often poor. Instead, you can switch to WiFi calls , which if you have a good WiFi network provide significantly better call quality.

The sound quality can usually be improved quickly with a headset that you can connect via jack or Bluetooth. Working in the home office with a mobile phone headset is particularly useful if there is a lot of noise in your living area that could become a disruptive factor during phone calls. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a construction site next to the house, noisy neighbors or your offspring playing with a headset your conversation partner only hears what he is supposed to hear.

Deduct mobile phone costs from taxes: Here’s how

As already explained, costs can also be incurred when using a mobile phone in the home office for example for call forwarding from the telephone system to the smartphone. But can you deduct such mobile phone costs for tax purposes?

Whether the costs for the mobile phone are covered proportionately depends on the usage situation. If you only use your smartphone for professional purposes , a new purchase falls under the advertising costs. You can in turn deduct this from your taxes.

If you use your mobile phone both for your home office and for private purposes , you can partially deduct the purchase price from your taxes as income-related expenses . Depending on the price of your device, the advertising costs can either be deducted immediately or over a period of several years.

20% of the invoice amount can be reimbursed tax-free for the costs incurred for the telephone or mobile phone connection. However, a maximum of €20 per month will be paid.

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