How to make your smartphone fast again

Android: How to make your smartphone fast again

Android: How to make your smartphone fast again The smartphone becomes lame quickly after purchase – even with the high-end devices with a good deal of computing power. But with just a few clicks, you can speed up your smartphone again. We have summarized the most important ways.

Tip 1: System-Update

Manufacturers continue to develop their software even after the initial sales rush. Regularly updating the system will also improve performance. In addition to security gaps, which are often an incentive for a system update, individual processes that can speed up the system are also optimized.

To do this, go to the settings and run an update manually. Depending on the smartphone, the designation may vary in detail. With the Samsung S4, for example, you will find the update function under Settings Options Device information Software update . Here you can also set that updates are carried out automatically.

Tip 2: Delete applications.

Many free applications are available on the Google Play Store. Because we rarely utilize all of the apps that we have loaded on our device, this is a temptation that frequently causes our device’s RAM to become overburdened.

Make a decision and delete the apps that you don’t use as a result of your decision. This will also improve the performance of your smartphone.

For this, simply click and hold the app icon you will notice a recycle bin in the top bar after you release your finger from the button. When the trash icon is clicked, the item is moved to the trash.

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Tip 3: Disable automatic synchronization when it is not needed.

Many programs seek to sync automatically in the background, but this is not always possible. This, on the other hand, is not required and consumes a significant amount of computing resources. Turn off the auto-alignment feature.

To accomplish this, navigate to the settings menu accounts and then to the appropriate app. Uncheck the option labeled “Sync Contacts.”

Tip 4: Disable tracking on your computer.

Switch off the location feature on your smartphone if you aren’t always looking for your route somewhere. This helps to protect the battery while also increasing the computing time.

The location services feature may be accessed in the Settings – Options – Location Services menu. Slide the slider to the “0” position here.

Tip 5: Minimize the use of graphic animation.

Graphic animations are now a little more difficult to avoid, but they are rarely necessary and also drain performance and battery capacity. There are two solutions available in this situation.

The first option is already available under Settings Device information/About my phone? Then, in the “developer options,” reduce the “window animation scale” or “windows animation size” to 0.5 from the default value of 1. Additionally, the “Transition Animation Size” and the “Animator Duration Scale” are affected.

You will notice a reduction in the number of flashy animations on the device, but an increase in speed and performance on the rest.

Second option: Are you unable to locate the developer choices in the menu? When you are in the Device information/About my phone section, click “Build number” about seven times before returning to the higher-level menu.

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You should now be able to locate the developer options, and you can proceed in the same manner as with option 1.

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