4 reasons why web videos are great

4 reasons why web videos are great

4 reasons why web videos are great Billions of videos are uploaded to the web every day. Getting involved isn’t worth it? Not correct! Four reasons why web videos are worthwhile.

Web videos from your pocket quick and easy

Do you have a smartphone? Good. You actually already have everything you need for a web video. Because a quick look at Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Vine shows: shaky pictures are not a disgrace, perfectly illuminated videos are not necessarily in demand on the web. The cell phone in the pocket is enough to transmit a video message.

More and more people are online and watching web videos

Still skeptical about web videos? Then here are a few numbers: 70 percent of Germans are online. 45 percent consume moving images on the Internet at least once a week.

Reason enough to get involved online and to inform and entertain members, employees and interested parties there with web videos. What fuels the use of web videos is certainly the increased use of smartphones and tablets: more than half of all YouTube views are now via mobile devices. The playback time on smartphones and Co. has even increased by 100 percent compared to the previous year.

Stories can also be told in 15-second web videos

15 seconds – that’s all you have to tell a story via web video on Instagram, for example. Enough time to explain about an avocado harvest.

A duration of 30 to 240 seconds is usually recommended for YouTube clips. However, there is generally no golden rule for web video length.

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In times when Facebook videos are played automatically and the first few seconds decide whether the viewer stays tuned in and 400 hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube every minute, the old film rule also applies to web videos: emotional, personal and told in a way that that the viewer has the feeling that he is there. If the content is right and to the point, the web video can sometimes be longer.

Web videos attract attention

Honestly, very few will achieve a viral hit with several million clicks or a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. But that doesn’t have to be the goal.

When creating web videos as with any other public relations work it is important to consider: Who do I want to reach with it? Use web videos to draw the attention of your target group to special offers, events or happenings or to entertain them.

Because moving images attract attention it’s not for nothing that YouTube and other video platforms are booming. Publishing web videos on YouTube is pretty much free and can also be posted on the site.

And maybe one or the other will stumble across your video and become aware of you and your offers.

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