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Customize YouTube channel – The most important images and texts explained in simple terms

How do I customize my YouTube channel visually and in terms of content? What image sizes do I need, where can I add text? We want to go through these and many other questions about the settings of your own YouTube channel with you step by step.

The YouTube channel not only serves as a flagship for a company, but is also an important factor in Google searches. The targeted use of keywords can achieve good results in terms of findability on the web. But where and how can you customize your YouTube channel?

Customize YouTube channel: YouTube Studio

In order to be able to edit settings, images and links on your channel, you must visit the “Youtube Studio“. To do this, click on “Customize channel” in the upper right corner of your channel.

The Youtube Studio can also be visited via your account. To do this, click on your profile picture or the circle with the first letter of your first name in the top right corner and click on “YouTube Studio” in the “Drop down menu” (marked red here).

Add profile picture and channel banner

In YouTube Studio, go to “Customize” on the left and “Branding” in the top center (marked in red here).

Important information and tips

  • Pay attention to the specified sizes of the respective images in the description.
  • The profile picture is shown as a circle. This should be considered when choosing the profile picture.
  • The banner image should be designed in such a way that it looks good on all end devices. In order to be able to see the most important information on all bones, they should be visible in the middle of the picture. Uploading the banner image will show you how it looks on other devices.
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Channel information and links

You can enter a description of your channel under “General information”. If you want to publish more precise contact details, this is the right place for it.

Be sure to use important keywords in the description of your content. Think about what people would type in a search to find your channel or what keywords they would use to find your channel. You can get tips on search engine optimization in our article “What is search engine optimization”.

In this window you can also enter the links to your social media channels and your website. These will later appear in the profile picture as an icon at the bottom right.

When inserting the social media profiles, it is helpful to know that the first link is displayed as icon+text, the following only as icons. You can change the order by dragging.

The changes are saved by clicking on “Publish” at the top right. Note that your edits will then appear live on their channel.

Sort channel page

This section is for those who have already uploaded videos to YouTube.

Now that the canal has become a bit more colorful, it’s time for the finer points. The channel’s home page should provide the most important videos, playlists and information at first glance, so that the viewers want more.

Channel trailer and featured video

To be able to use a channel trailer and/or put a video at the top of the channel, go back to the YouTube Studio and click on “Customize” on the right-hand side (marked in red here).

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By clicking “Add” you can choose one channel trailer and one video from your videos to be shown to returning subscribers. Make sure the trailer is short and concise.

The featured video could be the newest of their videos, or it could be the most important to you. It is advisable to change this from time to time so as not to bore your subscribers and to always appear up-to-date.

Insert playlists and other sections on the homepage

In the same area of ​​the YouTube Studio, it is also possible to structure the individual sections of your site. Here you have a wide range of section options.

Your own individual playlist, all of your channel’s playlists, playlists from other channels, subscribed channels, etc. Here you can not only highlight your own content, but also that of other channels in your network. By sliding the individual sections, the order can be changed at will.

The changes are saved by clicking on “Publish” at the top right.

We hope you enjoy designing your YouTube channel. Be creative and try out the functions of YouTube Studio. However, always keep the interests of your visitors in mind.

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