Instagram starts live testing of longer videos in Stories

Instagram starts live testing of longer videos in Stories

Instagram starts live testing of longer videos in Stories After being spotted during testing last month, Instagram has now officially launched a live test of 60-second videos in Stories, meaning longer video clips will no longer be broken up into 15-second segments and played across different Stories frames.

As mentioned, last month app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shared this message, which is stored in the app’s back-end code and is now visible to some users in the live environment.

When we inquired about the modification, Instagram responded with the following statement:

“Our community has shown a strong desire to be able to publish longer Stories articles in the future. The introduction of 60-second stories will allow consumers to create and watch stories with fewer interruptions,” says the company.

This feature is presently being evaluated with a small number of users in order to provide greater creative flexibility and further integrate the app’s numerous video possibilities in order to maximize its creative tools and capabilities, according to an Instagram spokesperson.

What is truly important. The company’s chief executive, Adam Mosseri, indicated in January that the app’s video products would be consolidated in order to make creation easier and to reduce the bulk of the platform’s different tools. That began with the consolidation of its video feed posts into a single format earlier this month and the discontinuation of the IGTV brand.

According to Mosseri’s explanation to Decoder:

Given the number of new bets we’ve placed over the past year, we’re examining how we might simplify and condense concepts across all of our platforms, not only on Instagram’s video platform (IGTV). The emphasis should be on simplicity and craftsmanship, I believe, for the remainder of the year.”

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An important factor in changing the strategy was TikTok, which has risen to become the most popular social app among young people and has surpassed Instagram as a cool place to be.

TikTok’s simplicity is one of its primary attractions – when you start the app, you are presented with a full-screen feed of video clips and live broadcasts, all of which are integrated into a streamlined, concentrated listing that is suited to each particular user.

Instagram has become considerably more divided, with Reels appearing in a separate stream and Stories appearing in a separate section. The best recording may be limited as a result, which is why Instagram is now attempting to combine all of these features together in order to eventually present the best of each facet in a single, more entertaining stream.

IG Stories’ expansion to include 60-second video clips is another step in the gradual amalgamation of the app, which will eventually open to a full-screen feed of Stories, Feed posts, and Reels all in one place, allowing the company, like TikTok, to leverage the full range of uploaded content to maximize user engagement.

Despite the fact that we’re still a long way from that next level, longer videos imply that users may now, for example, submit whole reels to Stories, effectively combining the two functions. Then it’s only a matter of deciding how it will transition from the traditional feed to a more stories/reels oriented feed in the near future.

This is a more significant step and represents a more fundamental shift for the app. However, as part of Meta’s greater effort to win back younger users, you can guarantee that it will be implemented, and most likely sooner rather than later.

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As a result, this new test represents a considerable advancement. For the time being, it is limited, but expect to see longer Stories videos on your Instagram app in the near future.

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