Technical concerns and policy violations

Technical concerns and policy violations that may damage your account will now be communicated to you through in-app notifications, according to Instagram.

Following two large outages last week, Instagram is attempting to provide greater insight into current malfunctions and issues, while also attempting to be more transparent about account-based actions such as breaching community standards and removing content directly off the app’s home screen.

First and foremost, Instagram is experimenting with a new notification type that will provide users with information on current technical issues and how they relate to certain aspects within the application.

According to Instagram:

Whenever some sections of Instagram aren’t working properly, we’ll be testing new notifications, and we’re discovering that people have a lot of questions. “Our goal is to make it easy for people to grasp what is going on right at the source.”

This could be of assistance. In order to find out what is happening while certain aspects of Instagram are down, most users are turning to Twitter, which may be a good solution for some people. However, in an ideal world, the information would be integrated directly into the app, providing greater power and a more personal connection with Instagram users.

However, this approach is also reliant on Instagram’s ability to enable notifications, which it would not have been able to do last week when the app was completely down for more than 6 hours due to technical difficulties. However, these messages aren’t much use if users can’t even get into the app to begin with—but such large-scale outages are rare, and it’s more commonly isolated portions of the app that are experiencing difficulties, as demonstrated in this example notification on Stories.

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Instagram will first test the new warnings with users in the United States before making a decision on the following steps.

Apart from that, Instagram is adding “Account Status,” a new feature that provides insights into possible content violations and other issues with your postings.

The measure is intended to assist users in better understanding the impact of content or distribution, and it is hoped that it will also help to dispel rumors of a supposed “shadow ban” or other restrictions that could have a significant impact on the performance of the post in the future.

The account status is displayed to users when they breach the platform’s rules, as seen here, and you may check the overview at any time by going to your preferences and clicking on “Account Overview.”

You may also get further information on Instagram’s rules and policies from the overview page, as well as information about the platform’s appeals process if you believe you have been wrongfully penalized by the platform.

The modifications are the result of numerous inquiries from Instagram users who wanted to know why their account had been penalized and what they might do to rectify the situation. In addition to a weekly Q&A session on his Stories, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri handles questions regarding this feature on his blog, and each Instagram announcement post gets deluged with questions about specific accounts and requests for assistance.

Perhaps these new improvements will serve to increase transparency and help people better grasp what is going on but I’ll give you a hint: in the majority of circumstances, it won’t make a significant impact at all.

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Instagram is not to blame; rather, it is attempting to provide greater knowledge through its platform. Nonetheless, I believe that many people just don’t care to check, disagree with the conclusions, and/or accept nothing less than direct action from IG.

What’s more, in the vast majority of circumstances, these new insights will likely be sufficient to meet your needs in their entirety.

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