Find the right work PC on the fly with this guide

Find the right work PC on the fly with this guide.

Find the right work PC on the fly with this guide If you are frequently mobile, such as a traveling salesperson, consultant, or freelancer, your computer is likely your most significant work tool.

When you spend many hours on the road, visiting clients, and days away from the office, mobility and adaptability are of the utmost importance, and this makes significant demands on your work computer. There are additional requirements you must meet for out-of-the-office employment.

Determine the appropriate PC for the traveling salesperson or consultant on the road.

First, it is not always possible to find an electrical outlet. Therefore, it is essential that you purchase a model with a powerful battery to ensure that your computer has power throughout the day.

Next, a desktop computer is not the optimal option for you. You must, among other things, take the following into consideration while selecting your next mobile PC.

Consider how easily the item can be transported, both in terms of weight and size. It lends itself to being carried about all day.

It should be somewhat small and lightweight. Additionally, it should not fill the bag to excess.

Additionally, you should have space for your notebook, brochures, charger, adaptor, and any other work-related items.

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You have three options, the selection of which depends on your needs:

Portable laptop that is easy to transport

You may select a laptop with a maximum 14-inch screen size. Below, we recommend Lenovo’s X or ThinkPad’s (glue) variants, HP’s Folio series, and a number of Apple’s new MacBook models, all of which are available in a light and stylish design and are therefore easy to carry with you.

Combined tablet and personal computer

Consider whether you want a hybrid between a computer and a tablet a so-called 2-in-1 computer with a screen that can be rotated 360 degrees and therefore serve as a tablet before making a purchase. In circumstances where even a laptop with a keyboard takes up too much space, this is evident.

Here you will find, among others, the Yoga model from Lenovo and a number of touch-capable, 360-degree-rotating X360 variants of HP’s models.

Utilize a tablet in transit

Last potential route: Select a tablet . With a tablet, you may access the Internet regardless of your location. When moving around while taking notes, a tablet is more convenient.

If you are a waiter at a restaurant, an electrician making a house call, or a consultant seeing a client, you may want to consider a tablet that is even more versatile and portable than a PC. Tablets are also easier to transport and less obtrusive to use during meetings and presentations.

If you select one of the first two options, we recommend an Intel Core i5 (6th generation) or later processor, a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, and a minimum of 240 GB of SSD storage.

Other factors to consider when mobile working

In addition to your computer, we recommend that you get the following accessories:

  • Sleeve: When moving from point A to point B and back throughout the course of a day, most individuals carry their belongings in a single bag. However, even if you carry your computer in a bag, it is still susceptible to shock and dampness. Investing in a sleeve is therefore advisable if you wish to safeguard your computer more effectively.
  • Mobile network: If you do not wish to or cannot use your mobile device for internet sharing, you can insert a separate SIM card into a number of business computers. Please be aware that a subscription is required.
  • Privacy Screen: You may already be familiar with screen protection for mobile devices; screen protection for desktops and tablets functions identically. If you use public transportation or occasionally work in a café and you deal with sensitive data (for example, client data GPDR wink wink), it is suggested that you get screen protection with an integrated Privacy filter for your computer. In addition, you can protect your computer or tablet’s screen from scuffs and scratches.
  • Docking station: With a docking station, it will be simple to connect the computer to the desktop office space on (home) office days. This allows you to rapidly resume work after connecting your PC.
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