Bingung Belajar Forex Seperti Apa. Kenali Perbedaan Antara Investasi dan Trading

Confused About How to Learn Forex? Recognize the Difference Between Investing and Trading.

Confused About How to Learn Forex? Recognize the Difference Between Investing and Trading When involved in any type of investment activity, one of the foundations that must be strengthened first is the process of learning and understanding. Likewise if you choose foreign exchange (forex) as a vehicle for investment.

It should be clear from the start that the forex learning process doesn’t end when you start investing. The volatile foreign exchange investing environment requires you to continuously hone your skills and knowledge to study forex regularly and consistently.

Before you start learning forex, it is important that you understand what foreign exchange is. This foreign exchange has a meaning as a foreign currency exchange transaction for a beginner who is learning forex. This forex transaction activity is usually driven by the desire for foreign currency.

For example, if you intend to travel abroad, you will usually exchange rupiah for the currency of the destination country. These exchanges are not always comparable in value to currencies found online.

What is the difference between investing and forex trading?

Some people deliberately allocate funds to make forex investments because of the difference in buying and selling prices. When learning forex, you will often come across the terms forex trading and forex investment. Keep in mind that the meanings of these two terms are not the same. So don’t be influenced. There is a lot of misinformation out there about forex investing and forex trading today. Let’s dig deeper as part of learning forex as a beginner.

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Activities that are not the same

When you first start learning forex, it is important that you understand the difference between forex investing and forex trading. When compared to trading, forex investing, as the name implies, appears to be a passive activity. An investor will allocate their funds into one or more foreign currencies for the needs of long-term savings and routine transactions, such as purchasing goods or services using foreign currency payments, according to their understanding of learning forex.

In forex trading terms, those who carry out this activity are referred to as traders. If you are learning forex, these traders are people who are more active in allocating their funds for foreign exchange purchases.

The foreign currency purchased will be traded and traded in a relatively short time, considering the development of the value of the foreign currency held over a certain period of time. When learning forex, you must understand that the risk of loss for trading is much higher than the risk of loss for investing in forex.

Goals and timeframe

When you start learning forex, you must also determine the purpose of your future forex transactions. If you want to invest in forex, one of the goals you should keep in mind is the background of improving financial conditions. However, you should be aware that presenting the benefits of forex investments usually takes a long time.

Given the dynamically changing values ​​of foreign currencies, you may be able to gain financial benefits in the future. Furthermore, since you already have foreign currency, you don’t have to worry about meeting other needs that require payment in foreign currency.

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If you intend to trade forex, the time required to complete a forex transaction is usually shorter. This short period corresponds to fluctuations in foreign currency values ​​that occur from time to time. When you learn forex for trading, you need to be able to buy and sell forex quickly in order to maximize your return on investment. To avoid bigger losses, you may even have to sell forex at a loss.

Forex Investment Benefits

As a beginner who wants to learn forex, you may be curious about the benefits of forex in general. As an investor, your investment activities, including learning forex, must of course provide benefits or advantages that you can feel both in terms of knowledge and finance. Here are some of the benefits of investing in forex.

High level of liquidity

When learning forex, the first thing you will notice is the high level of forex liquidity. This level of liquidity refers to the ability to withdraw money in a simpler and faster way. When you learn forex, the investment you have is foreign currency which is certainly needed by many people, so the buying and selling transaction process must be completed efficiently.

Furthermore, the interconnected global forex market has an impact on the high level of liquidity. So transactions can be completed in real time. While learning forex, you can begin to study global macroeconomic developments in order to maximize the level of liquidity you have. By expanding your information window, you will get a better understanding of which forex can bring you big profits right now.

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Fairly cheap capital

Another financial benefit of learning forex is the relatively low initial capital. You can start investing in forex with just one USD. If converted to rupiah, you only need to spend capital in the range of 15 thousand rupiah to make an investment. Of course, for beginners who are slow to learn forex, this relatively cheap capital is quite profitable.

Furthermore, as a beginner learning forex, you can make forex a future savings that you add funds from time to time based on your financial capabilities. You will not feel obligated to invest if you have access to relatively inexpensive capital.

Transaction anytime and anywhere

Of course, as a beginner learning forex, you are certainly aware that forex investment transactions can now be done anytime and from anywhere. You can buy foreign currency for your investment and transaction needs for certain bank customers.

The availability of digital banking services will certainly make it easier for you as a beginner to learn forex and an experienced investor to strengthen your future financial condition through forex investment.

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