Make Facebook Insights Work for You!

Make Facebook Insights Work for You!

“What’s best for us?” is a regular question I get from businesses about Facebook. “Do you have a Facebook profile, a Group, or a fan page?” The answer has shifted in the previous few years.

Back a few years, the answer would have been “it depends.” When Facebook first launched fan Pages in 2007, they left a lot to be desired in terms of functionality and allowing organizations to actually engage with Facebook fans. (For example, admins could not send “blast” style messages to fans’ in-boxes in the early phases of Facebook Pages, a feature available in Facebook groups.) Pages appeared to be more of a promotional platform than an engagement tool.

Profile, Group, or Page? Defined Terms

In the last year or two, Facebook developers have made significant progress in adjusting the functionality of profiles, groups, and pages to meet the needs of users:

Profiles continue to be the greatest option for people who want to connect with others on a personal level.

Groups are perfect for creating bottom-up social networks based on shared interests (fan clubs, volunteers, etc.)

Pages have evolved into a valuable tool for groups and businesses that want to interact with supporters but also have very precise marketing goals that necessitate more user intelligence.

Learn More About Your Fans With Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights, which offers page managers with information on user demographics and behavior on Facebook, is the fundamental element that makes Facebook fan pages so important to companies performing social media marketing.

This is interesting information if you’re a marketing data geek: the average age, gender, and location of your consumers. Page visits, photo views, and “interactions” like as comments and “likes” are examples of additional data.

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If your firm is concerned about ROI and you want to get hard figures from Facebook’s ability to engage with users, there is no better tool to employ than Facebook Insights.

And if you’re a marketer who reports on your company’s Facebook traffic and interaction on a regular basis (and if you aren’t, you should!) This report-ready data is accessible from Facebook in the form of a downloadable.csv or a Microsoft Excel (.xml) file.

In my experience, this data has been quite beneficial in reporting corporate progress with social media marketing efforts to upper management via weekly updates on Facebook activity and fan numbers.

Facebook developers are constantly evolving and improving the efficiency of Facebook Insights, and I am convinced that as more organizations use this tool to help them achieve their social media marketing goals, we will see even more advancements in the future.

Facebook Insights just included pageview information by individual post — a godsend for anyone with a content-rich Facebook page who wants to examine the popularity and impact of posts by content, which admins could only conjecture about previously.

Don’t Forget About Goals!

Finally, let’s talk about reporting and Facebook Insights. As with other web analytics, Facebook Insights are only as valuable as the marketing goals and objectives to which they are applied, therefore I urge you to take a close look at your overall marketing goals and plan to see how these juicy facts may help. If you haven’t already set measurable goals for your social media marketing activities, now is the time!

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