What Should You Be Doing With Regards to Digital Marketing

What Should You Be Doing With Regards to Digital Marketing?

If you’re paralyzed by the complexity surrounding this new era of digital marketing, it’s time to defrost and get started. There is no better time to begin than now. You’ve already waited an inordinate amount of time. Your competition may already be stealing your business! Today, you most likely lost an existing or prospective client… possibly both.

If your present marketing firm, consultant, agency, specialist, or __________ (fill in the blank) has not adapted their tactics to incorporate internet marketing, they may be out of luck. It’s time to shed dead weight and get back on track. Let’s face it; “the way we’ve always done it” is simply ineffective in today’s digital, interactive environment and will never be effective again. Allow yourself to go… be liberated… flush! Ah,you’re already feeling better, aren’t you?

However, be cautious of traps. Everywhere, social media marketing traps are springing up. While social media should be incorporated into your marketing strategy, it is only a component… a percentage of the processes essential to maximize your brand’s and message’s exposure. Some may assert that you require nothing else.

They would be incorrect! The proliferation of Facebook marketing companies, Twitter specialists, and every other imaginable (or unimaginable) type of social media entrepreneur or consultant demonstrates the industry’s confusion. We’re not saying avoid hiring these individuals, but avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

The most frequently heard response from prospective clients is, “We know something needs to be done, but we’re not sure what it is.” We completely understand your perplexity. There is a lot of “noise” in the market right now, and social media buzz may be contributing significantly to the confusion… it is certainly contributing to the noise.

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We’ve actually advised some clients to stay away from Facebook. “Really,” you inquire? How is that even possible? Depending on the products, services, and personnel of your business, Facebook may be nothing more than a costly distraction. “Expensive,” you inquire? “I thought it was complimentary!” Hmmm. Your time is more valuable than at any previous point in time.

Avoid wastage. While Twitter is the most effective social media network to date, it will take hours to build an acceptable following. Hundreds, possibly thousands of hours. Ascertain that you are taking the necessary steps to effectively market your brand and message.

The process of determining the optimal plan for you begins with an assessment of your business’s most successful interface with the outside world, your website. Were you under the impression that your telephone was still the most efficient?

My favorite analogy for a merchant who does not maximize digital marketing (and website management) is that of a retailer who does not answer the phone. The world is undoubtedly calling, and if your website is out of date, you are losing out on both the call and the business. Your proactive competitors are standing by to intercept the call.

One of our clients was recently pressed by a buddy (a Facebook marketing guru) to redirect all of his website traffic to his Facebook page and to post ALL of his messages there. What!? There is no such thing as bad advice. He maintains an extremely busy website that is designed to collect “update” requests and subscriptions from his patrons.

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Obtaining 2500 subscriptions to his updates would result in 2500 people receiving the message (from his website) they wanted. Posting the identical message on a Facebook page with 2500 likes would result in the “unsolicited” post showing up on 100 to 250 pages without knowing if any of them saw it.

That is, until you pay for “promotion” on Facebook or send a message. Don’t hold your breath either if that results in a return. While using Facebook isn’t a bad idea in most cases, it’s a bad idea to forget about how important it is to design and use the right tools in the most efficient way possible for the best results.

Being discovered is critical. The challenge is to get found when people are looking for content related to your message. Creating unique content on your website on a consistent basis is your strongest tool. Recognizing trending search phrases relevant to your message is a skill you must possess, acquire, or hire.

It is critical to incorporate such popular search terms into the content of your website. If you can afford to hire an individual with this skill set and familiarity with social media marketing, you will be ahead of the game. If you are not yet there and lack such skills, simply ensure that the company or individual you choose understands the entire process, not just a portion of it. Alternatively, if you opt to hire a team of experts, ensure that all roles are filled with the best players.

Another trend that is eroding your website’s efficacy is the incorrect use of mobile websites. If your present website is not mobile-friendly, weigh your alternatives carefully before accepting an offer for a free mobile website… or even one that requires payment.

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We surely hope that this and other articles we publish will help you gain a better understanding of the rising need for digital marketing and the pitfalls that may await you.

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