About us

Design & Development

Quality of Product is ahead of all our priorities.

FivoTech is a Product-Cum-Service based organization which is an ultimate destination for the enterprises, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and individuals to launch their dream product in the market. We help you build and grow in this competitive digital world with a quality market analysis and audience research.
Our focus and success is driven through these five key elements,

  • Finding Business Problems,
  • Architecture the business solution,
  • Digitizing the ideas to business,
  • Connecting business to the customers, and
  • Making a community grow and succeed together.


We at FivoTech always value the priority of your time and deliver you the quality outcome of what you would’ve imagined. We believe that your customers’ success is our success so we leave no stone unturned to develop the most user-friendly product. We don’t just deliver you the product but also take you to the greater journey, along with us where you can see your ideas turning into reality.

Our Process

We have a unique approach to all our application development life cycle and make sure to develop the best quality product at the best time. After requirement gathering, we analyze the pain points of your business and come up with the best solution for it. Below is the basic flow of your ideas turning into reality.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Analysis & Research
  • Estimation & Pricing
  • Development, Testing, and Deployment – Agile / DevOps / Waterfall
  • Feedback and Re-Engineering.

Our Team

Team, You Want To Work With.


Rohit Kumar S

Digital Marketer

Antim Pandey

Sr. Software Developer

Chan Babu

Sr. Frontend Developer

Amit Pandey

Graphics Designer

Abhishek Sahu


Get Every Single Answer Here.

FivoTech provides one month of free support after the project is deployed and released for the production. Free support includes bug fixes, application walkthrough, and product training.
Yes, FivoTech is growing because of the flexibility of adaptability. We do have an R&D team that does the research and training process to make sure we are good to adopt the new technologies fast.
Yes, FivoTech allows other business to hire talent from our team for a dedicated period of time and work onsite or remote based on the requirement.
Trust never comes on the first day. But we can give you the best first impression that can provide you confidence and trust while we complete milestones for you through your roadmap.
FivoTech is not just a business, the agenda of FivoTech is to contribute to more business and the world with the new technologies and work together to build a great business. Team of FivoTech is more tech-oriented than business orient.