Best tool to find Long Tail keyword |

Best tool to find Long Tail keyword |

Do you know! Why long term keyword is more important than Short Tail Keyword for your blog?
So let’s talk about this.
As a blogger, everyone wants to drive tremendous traffic on their website. and we all know that short-tail keywords only does that. but it’s not that easy to rank a short keyword on Search Engines.
So for this reason, We need to discover long-tail keywords from a particular niche.
But again we need to know keyword research, which is very important to get the traffic on your blog/website.

Why Long Tail keyword is Important:

Well, this is a very important fact and hope everyone should know about this fact.
1. Less Bounce rate: Long-tail keywords are very specific about their answer. So definitely bounce rate score will be in control.
2. Specific: These types of keywords have exact answers, So the average page view will be higher.
3. Easy to rank: This types of keyphrases are easy to rank than short-tail keywords.

How to find the Long-tail Keyword:
There are multiple ways available to find the long tail keyword for your niche.
So let’s discuss those SEO tools.

1. Google Suggest:

Google Suggest is one of the best ways to find, The need to do you is just entering the keyword in Google search and see the expected result.
(Note): No need to hit the “enter” button just see the suggest result.

2. Google Keyword Planner:

This is a free tool and provided by Google, Just you need to have a Gmail account and signup with that account.
Here you will find multiple keywords along with their search volume, Competition, CPC and many more.
Note: But this will not tell you the exact number, will show the relevant result.

3. Keyword Everywhere:

This is a browser extension, which we need to add on our browser, it also helps to find the Search Volume, Competition, and idea about long-tail keywords.

Apart from these free Keyword Research Tool, there are few paid tools are also available. All are very popular, I will approach a few of them in this article.

4. Ahref:

Ahref tool is paid tool

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