What are type of backlink

What are type of backlink

What is backlink – Let’s learn in detail

BackLink is a link which is used to switch from one website to another website. For a clear understanding, let us consider two websites. Once website get backlinks from the other website where that one website can be switched from the other website from which it got the backlinks.

Digital Marketing is a strategy of marketing used to promote a business online. Search Engine Optimization is an important role of Digital Marketing which is a ranking of websites through organic methods. We have an important term used in an SEO called ‘BACK LINKS’.

Backlinks are very essential part of SEO where google considers much of  backlinks for a website to be ranked in its search pages. Backlink must be done organically to improve its SEO.
If a tooth-brush company advertises for its brand, a tooth-paste company should get a backlink to make it an effective organic SEO.


Backlinks as discussed, are the crucial role played in SEO to improve its organic branding. We have two types of Backlinks to be used for an organic SEO.
1. Do follow Backlinks
2. No follow Backlinks

These two backlinks are the types of backlinks where both of these backlinks must be used with proper ratio (60:40).


What is backlink

A Do follow link is a type of backlink where the link allows you to switch into that website which has a backlink. Thus a do follow link is a prominent way of ranking to be achieved and they follow you to the website the backlink has given.

The crawler moves to the backlink if it is a do follow link thus the ranking is done by the google for our backlinks where the number of backlinks is a key to the ranking in Search Engine Ranking Page. Thus Do follow link is a great choice of boosting your Ranks.


A No follow backlink is a type of backlink where the link does not allow you to enter into the website which has given the backlink. The No follow backlink does not help in the ranking of the particular website which has got the backlink.

When the crawler crawls a website, it ignores the website which has got the backlink and hence ranking is not possible in the No follow backlinks. Thus No follow backlinks are not advisable for boosting the ranking of the page.



It is very easy to find out whether a link is a Do follow or a No follow link. Just right click on the page of the browser. Click -> View page source. If you could see rel=no follow, then it is clearly said that the link is no follow. If the rel=no follow is not seen, then the link is said to be Do follow.


When the manual method itself is very easy to find the backlink, obviously the Automation method is much easier than the manual method.
Add the MOZ extension or AHREF website(paid website) to find it out through an automatic method. When you just open a page in the browser, the MOZ or the AHREF displays No follow if the link is a no follow at the top corner of the page. If the link is a Do follow, then nothing is displayed at the top corner of the page which indicates the link is a Do follow.


Now we have got an idea about Backlinks, Types of backlinks, How to identify the types of backlinks. Working with Backlinks are purely the method of Off-page SEO where it can be done with Blog Commenting, Profile Creation, Web2.0, Article writing, etc. Thus, we are ready to work with the backlinks with some of the above information. Thanks for reading my article. I hope you are clear with Backlinks through this article. Meet you in the next article.
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